Robert P. Taylor

Author of 3d-design.co

Short version of who I am would be I grew up in Dillon, Montana on a ranch and my dad had a outfitting/hunting camp that I helped out with on occasion.   Growing up in Dillon (bit of a roughneck cowboy town) certainly was a rowdy time in my life,  but I got that out of my system in 1989 after spending 2 years in Salmon, Idaho  in ministry training at Valley of Praise Ministries.  When I came out my world had changed and found out I could do anything I set my mind to (with a little help from God, and the internet). I became involved with computers (everything about them) from building them to graphic arts, video editing and animation and so on. I Spent a lot of years in construction before all that and now I have retired in St. George, Utah and God is still doing a work in my life  as I feel He is the very reason I was able to have a life but that is a another story and since I’m selling art and not books about me,  well I suppose you could figure it out after all growing up in a red neck town with bars on every corner and fights in front of every bar and of course being the late 60′ things went from cowboy to hippie over night it seemed like,  and know it’s 2017 and things got really crazy, everywhere.   Now I’m rattling on, so I’m signing out with God Bless You All.


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